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With its new perfume “Dreaming,” Tommy Hilfiger aimed to reach a slightly more mature cohort of women aged 18-35 than with the Tommy fragrances and colognes, which were targeted more at teenagers. The brand also wished to offer a more sophisticated image. For this product launch, Tommy Hilfiger decided to use a number of marketing initiatives related to the act of dreaming. Glamour Magazine, in their effort to win their share of the marketing budget, wanted to develop an innovative value-added program that could be paired with the ad buy in their magazine.


For the Reel Docs program, Freestyle teamed with Glamour Magazine and Tommy Hilfiger to create a competition in which Glamour readers submitted short essays about a dream they have. Three winners would have their dream come true and the fulfillment of the dream would each be filmed in a fifteen minute documentary. A highly publicized day-long event was held in Central Park in which Tommy Hilfiger himself was available to hear people’s dreams. Hundreds of people came with the hope that they woud be one of the three that would be chosen. Freestyle principals coordinated the selection process and three people were ultimately selected: a band leader received uniforms for his students, a disadvantaged young woman was given the opportunity to get her helicopter pilot license, and an entrepreneur was given the resources to open a roller skating rink in Coney island.


Freestyle coordinated the fulfillment of these dreams, as well as produced the hour long documentary to showcase the program. For each winner a special guest contributed to the completion of the dream. Marisa Tomei and Ashanti attended the roller skating rink launch party to present the winner with a special pair of skates. Ciara presented the students wiith their band uniforms. Jennifer Murray, the first woman to circumnavigate the globe in a helicopter, presented a special Tommy Hilfiger jacket to the helicopter pilot .

The three documentary films were presented at a NYC premiere, at which the winners were toasted by Tommy Hilfiger. The films were made available to audiences through Glamour magazine’s new web portal Glamor.TV and through the Tommy Hilfiger website. The program generated significant press impressions and further contributed to Glamour magazine’s reputation for being an important innovative partner for their advertisers.